“miscommunication” in a job interview – march 30, 2011

i was scheduled for an interview today for A/R accountant position in a retail company, a distributor of few famous shoeline.

their office is located at ortigas. i went all through there from paranaque just to end up with me so “feeling tanga” because apparently they were not hiring accounts receivable accountant.. what they are lokking for is an accounting assistant for accounts receivable department. the interviewer told me that they don’t associate the term “accountant” in any of their posts in their accounting department. magulo.

although they have their own reason, i don’t think i can work as an assistant with almost 3 years working experience. there must be something in a job title that gives a hint that you are a CPA. after all, you have worked hard to get that title.

anyhow, i was just releasing the tension brought by the interviewer through this post. i went for the exam last march 28, applying for accounting supervisor. unfortunately, i they needed an applicant with 3-5 years of experience in supervisory position. meaning, i’m not qualified. so the HR assistant told me if i am willinng to take the interview for the vacancy in AR accountant post. i said yes. then come the interview earlier, the head HR and the accouning officer thought i was still applying for the supervisor post. magulo talaga sila.

what’s more irritating is that the accounting officer was making an “i can’t believe this” shake of her head when she saw the salary i expected. that expectation was for the supervisor post! that “gesture” nearly brought me to tears. napahiya ako dun ah. why? tha’ts my expectation – as a CPA. you can accept or reject the salary expectation, but don’t react so violently. hindi maganda, sobrang nakakairita.

oh well, that only means that they can’t provide my demands. so, sige, babay. next interview please!


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