the mistake#01:

august 13, 2010: “friday, the 13th” daw.. i was on leave to renew my PRC license. wholeday leave. after finishing the renewal, i decided to rent a computer to browse the net (since we don’t have access to FB and the like). ALBA Computers – the name of the computer shop, a branch located along the U-Belt area, near FEU. i was shocked with the speed of their computers! soooo…. s..l..o..w..w..w..w..! hayy.. the rent costs only P15 (compared to Netopia, P50 plus), what do you expect?! well, my post is not about them and their computers. i left my kingston 4G usb in their computer shop! what the?! i only noticed that it was missing when i “arranged” my bag last saturday..

lesson learned:

when we are using computers-for-rent, we tend to cram when our rent time is about to end (unless you opted for an open-time). my advise? about 5 minutes before you planned to leave, take sometime to check your things. have you logged out properly on yahoomail or FB? have you saved your researched files? have you safely removed your USB?

i guess, i’ve learnt my lesson now..


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