This is the latest piso sale from cebu pacific as of this writing:

Sale Period: May16-17,2011, Travel Period: Oct.-Nov.2011

Last Feb. 4, their last Piso Sale, this was my ticket price details with Go Lite Fee still included as a charge against the Base Fare to arrive at the net amount, that is, P1.00, (plus the usual charges – VAT, Web Admin Fee):

Apparently, they have a new scheme of charges. Well, an old one actually.

Here is an article relating to this issue:
“A P50-fuel surcharge for Luzon to Luzon, Visayas to Visayas, and Mindanao to Mindanao destinations is now being collected by Cebu Pacific. Luzon to Visayas and Visayas to Mindanao routes now carry a P100-fuel surcharge while passengers traveling from Luzon to Mindanao have to pay a P200-fuel surcharge. The imposition of fuel surcharge for domestic routes started on March 23 and on March 14 for international destinations. It has been two years since the Gokongwei-owned airline removed fuel surcharge in the ticket price of its domestic and international flight bookings.” (full story: – Cebu Pacific resumes fuel surcharge for local flights )

But, just this month, “CEBU PACIFIC’S operator has hiked fuel surcharges for its domestic flights by up to 50% barely two months after it began imposing the fee on passengers amid the continued rise in fuel prices.” (full story: – Cebu Pacific raises fuel surcharge by up to 50% )

So, from now on, cebu pacific will have these added items in their ticket price details:
YQ (Fuel Surcharge)=P150.00/ticket sold
Applies only for the airline segment originating from any other airport than Manila. Generally only Php 15.00 plus 12% VAT per segment, collected by the airline upon purchasing your domestic ticket. (definition source:

Hmm, why did i post this?
Wala lang. Curious lang.


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