iResign version 3.0

I resigned in my first work last May 2008 due to higher pay offer by my second employer.

I resigned in my second work last March 2012 because again of higher pay offer and due to closer location to home of my third employer.

I resigned in my third work last November 15 (effective December 15) in pursuance of my ultimate dream… to be an OFW. to experience other culture. to explore the world. and of course, to earn better.

Destination: Singapura.

I know, I know, job hunting in SG is hard (based on PinoySG) specially these times wherein the MOM is super strict on the process of issuing work permits to foreign employees. But I have faith in Him. I know that God will help me find one. (As INC, I personally am rendering my devotional prayer or my panata sa Kapilya — the place where He truly listens.)

What I need to do now while I am here in the Philippines is to prepare — emotionally, financially, physically. Faithfully? Always prepared.


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